Broadturn Farm

As the proprietors of Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, Maine, Stacy Brenner and John Bliss have their hands full with a busy CSA business.

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  3. Kristian Niemi says:

    These films are fantastic. EVERY state should do a series like this and promote them so EVERYONE sees them. BRAVO!

    Kristian Niemi
    Gervais & VIne
    Rosso Trattoria Italia

    Columbia, SC

  4. It is wonderful watching these videos from out on the plains of Minnesota, and dreaming with my brother of returning home to Maine and farming. Thank you for the inspiration, I’ll be back before too long, Maine, I promise!

    Seth Schlotterbeck
    Easy Bean Farm/Wooly Bear Farm
    Milan, MN

  5. Mickey Wells says:

    You video was extremely inspirational, admirable and uplifting. As a family in Connecticut attempting to overcome many challenges – cultural and agricultural – your presentation is an insiration to all!
    Thank You

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  7. Paulynn says:

    I love your films. So real, inspiring, practical too. Thank you!

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  9. Angela Lemire says:

    How inspiring! I am from Maine but have been living in Iowa for 4 years and am moving back in August….these videos make me want to be back there now, supporting the local farmers who work so hard every day. Thank you for this honest look into their lives.

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